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About Me

Rentia Visser, a professional transformation specialist, confidently poised with a compassionate smile, exuding expertise

Welcome to my world of holistic healing and transformation, where ancient wisdom meets modern science to ignite your flame and inner power. 

Here I am your compassionate guide on an extraordinary path to wellness, wholeness and self-empowerment. I have a rich tapestry of experience that spans continents and disciplines, bringing a unique blend of knowledge and experience to Alstonville and beyond. Born in South Africa but now residing on a picturesque and magical macadamia farm just outside Alstonville.

My journey has been one of continuous growth and joyful exploration, crowned with not one, but two degrees: a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Accounting. I have always been drawn to the fusion of Ancient Truths and cutting-edge science.


This diverse background led me to the world of Quantum Science and eventually embracing the realms of Energy Healing. I became a CTC Master Therapist, Reiki Master and Success Coach, helping others find their power and their peace.

Whether you are seeking in-person sessions, or the global convenience zoom, my services are designed to unlock your true potential, effortlessly and easily. I am passionate about helping you uncover and shift your subconscious programs, and guide you towards a life of abundance and fulfilment.


Through my nurturing and motivational approach, I help you create a safe space for your personal growth and evolution.

My commitment is to inspire you to believe in yourself, empowering you to make positive changes that ripple throughout every aspect of your life. Together we harness the power of your subconscious mindset, innovative life hacks, and ancient wisdoms, to transform your reality.

Stay connected with me on social media as I share daily insights and discoveries, bridging the gap between the known and the mystical. Join me on this transformative adventure we call “Life”, so you can create a journey filled with love, light and limitless possibilities.

It's time to embrace your true potential and shine brightly.

Contact me today to learn more, and embark on your remarkable journey towards a Better You.

customer satisfaction from various individuals who have benefited from the service
positive feedback and five-star ratings displayed on a screen, showcasing customer satisfaction
positive feedback and five-star ratings displayed on a screen, showcasing customer satisfaction
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