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Symbolizing the work of a Life coach engaging in a motivational sessions, helping them set and achieve personal goals


Are you feeling a bit lost, uncertain about your path, or just wanting MORE out of your life's journey?

A life coach can be your key to getting unstuck, gaining clarity and finally getting the results you desire in your life.

A coach is your mentor, supporter, accountability partner and above all else, your believer – a believer in You and your potential. Someone to help you navigate your transformative experience with easy and grace.

Isn’t it incredible that it is so much easier to believe in someone else than in yourself?

Together, we can unravel that limiting belief and cultivate your unique strengths, creating a roadmap for your transformation to success in all areas of your life.

With the right support and guidance, you can conquer any obstacle, whether it's in your career, relationships, or overall well-being.

My coaching philosophy is grounded in experience, empathy, understanding, and a judgment-free zone. I believe that each person has the ability and the right to lead a fulfilling life, but they also have free will and choice.

They can choose a life of limitations or a life of growth and fulfillment.

For those that want more, and choose more, I'm genuinely honoured to be part of their journey towards fulfillment. It is my passion and joy to help YOU find your passion and joy!

If you're ready to take that pivotal first step toward a more joyful, purposeful life, let's connect!

Reach out today to schedule a discovery call, let’s find our if we’re a good fit.

Not every potential client is a ‘yes’ for me, and not ever potential coach should be a ‘yes’ for you either.


Finding the right person that resonates with you and understands your goals and desires is important, because your goals are just as unique as you are.

A life coach is an investment in yourself and your future, and the better the match, the higher the return on investment 😊

Why would you need a life-coach now if you’ve never had one before?

Sometimes, you come to a crossroads in life. It might come in the form of a life crisis or existential questioning. It might show up at the heels of a big career change or new commitment. It might even present itself when you’ve decided to start over in life — you know you’re ready for change but you’re not sure where to go to next.

Having proper support (and accountability) in these situations are crucial to navigating them with ease and grace.

And you don’t need to ‘re-invent’ the wheel, to get a whole new lease on your life, maybe you just need a tour-guide to help you read the road signs?

Life is very much like visiting a foreign country – it can be exhilarating and frightening at the same time. And these days with Google maps (i.e. a lot of self-help books) you will eventually get where you are going.

But when you have a tour-guide, THAT is when you learn the shortcuts, you discover the secret places and spaces that makes everything more magical and mystical – your life becomes the trip of a lifetime.

How Does Life Coaching Align with Your Goals?

Unlike therapy, which primarily focuses on mental health care, life coaching dives deep into personal and professional development. As your coach, I use all the tools and resources available to me, including my expertise as a Reiki Master/Healer as well as a Master CTC Therapist, to guide you towards achieving your goals quickly and easily, embracing behaviour changes, and overall self-improvement on the level of mind body and spirit.

Using the right tools at the right time enables you to take quantum leaps, that seem impossible when you’re thinking from a lower level of Mind.

My coaching supports you on a level of mind, body and spirit and you can anticipate benefits like improved confidence, enriched relationships, enhanced self-awareness, and better quality of life in all areas.

Why contact me for Life Coaching?

I bring a unique blend of skills as an Energy Healer, Reiki Master, CTC Master Therapist, Mother and Wife. I love the practical side of things just as much as the Energetics and I have two tertiary degrees, a Bachelor of Science as well as a Bachelor of Accounting.

I love the diversity of life and our extraordinary existence in it.

I have a passion for personal growth and development – my own as well as everyone drawn to me.

I believe we are dimentional beings having a human experience, and our evolution is dependant on our growth in all areas of our being, so whether your goal is personal, professional or spiritual, it doesn’t matter – they are all equally important.

My global experience, from being born in South Africa, in a completely different country, culture and society before emigrating to Australia with my husband and two teenagers, has equipped me with a wealth of experience and compassion for the common as well as un-common struggles we all face in life.

Your journey is as individual as you are, and finding the right match in a coach is important. If a person doesn't feel right for you, they aren’t right for you.

Trusting your heart’s guidance, your intuition is your first step to being more and becoming more in your life.

If you’re still here, reading this, then you're ready not only ready to invest in yourself, you’re also resonating with me and my unique essence.

Why not take the next step?

Reach out for a complimentary discovery call to explore your dreams and see if we're a perfect fit. 

Rentia Visser - Transformation Specialist
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