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Free Masterclass

Do you live in the Magic or the Maze?

Rentia Visser presents the Art and Science of Alchemy.

Alchemy is the ancient teachings on how to transform lead into gold on many levels: emotional, spiritual, and physical. In other words, this materialistic world that we Live in. 


I will share with you why both Art and Science are important so that you can Play with Life instead of being played by Life. ⁣

I will share stories and research that prove how powerful you are and why it is important to understand things. When you understand the "Why," the "How" gets easier. Understanding the Science and the Art becomes not only easier but also more beautiful and magical. 

When you understand that this life is a gift not a curse, that you are the creator of your world (inside your body as well as out) everything changes. 

Many people live in the illusion of the maze, and around every corner is a dead end, a wall. But when you educate yourself, when you elevate yourself, you rise above it, and then you can see the beautiful pattern and intricacies of this maze we call Life. 

Understand this and you won’t have to choose whether you live in the Magic or the Maze because you’ll realise that you live in the Magic of the Maze.

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