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Instructor leading a Reiki training session, demonstrating energy healing techniques to attentive students in a calm, support

Reiki I and II Training

Are you fascinated by the world of energy

and its profound impact on health, wealth, and happiness? 

If so, I invite you to join me on a magical journey

Two full days of healing and transformational REIKI 1 TRAINING!


Reiki is an integral part of my life - my constant companion for personal healing and helping others in need. It is a powerful tool that can be embraced daily, bringing you closer to your true self and aligning you with your highest potential.


Reiki is an easy-to-learn practice that will seamlessly integrate into your daily routine. 

It is your key to restoring balance and healing to all living beings (including yourself) who are open to receiving its energy


Reiki unveils your path to holistic wellness and self-discovery by releasing the blockages that hinder abundance and receivership. 


Join me on our beautiful macadamia farm in Alstonville, NSW for a weekend of discovery like no other!


This training goes beyond Reiki training - it is an extraordinary opportunity for quantum leaps in your spiritual growth.

Rest assured, as your guide, I am dedicated to over-delivering and ensuring that every student receives the guidance and support they need on this sacred journey.


During the training, you will delve into powerful practices that include:

  • Developing the ability to see auras

  • Enhancing your intuition

  • Learn Tapping to easily release limiting beliefs

  • Gain insight into your body’s language of dis-ease

  • ..and more!


By the end of the program, you will become a certified Reiki practitioner, equipped with the loving hands-on healing modality to transform your own life and support others on their healing path.

Spaces are limited, so I encourage you to reserve your spot right now – reach out.

This empowering and life-changing training is $495


Embark on this life-changing experience and unlock the extraordinary power of Reiki. 

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